Hawke's Bay Police Resources

The Hastings City Business Association supports the Hawke's Bay Police.

Supported by the Hastings City Assist team, the Hawke's Bay Police play a vital role in the safety of our city.

Sometimes it's hard to know if you're having issues which one of these teams to call.

As a general rule when there is an offender present ie/ a shoplifter concealing items, a person who has previously been trespassed on premises or a person who is breaching the peace (disorderly, aggressive) call the Police on 111.

City Assist can be contacted next, but your first call should be to the Police. 

Together, the HCBA and Hawke's Bay Police are working together to bring you an online resource to help you deal with security and safety in your business and for your staff. 

Take a look at the resources we have available for you below: